In September 2009, Charlie Hedman returned from a trip to the States. They brought home a pair of skates and an idea: to start a roller derby league in Copenhagen! Charlie gathered some friends; some of them experienced skaters, others absolute beginners and together they began to study the game. Shortly after, the American derby skater Amy Goodrich Holland (Ana Killingspree) met up with the skaters and taught them the basics of roller derby. She also taught the absolute beginners how to skate. Everybody knew someone who wanted to join, and as the months passed on the group grew bigger and bigger and the members got better and better.

In June 2010, The Rollin Heartbreakers played their first game which they won! Since then Copenhagen Roller Derby has grown from 14 members to more than 100 including a crew of referees and non-skating officials.

working for the league we love

Copenhagen Roller Derby is owned and run by skaters, and to be a part of the league means taking ownership and working together towards shaping the association and building the league that we want. To do that, there are various working teams within the league where everybody can be involved and bring to the table the talents they have off the track.

All bout and event planning, PR, sponsorships etc. are created within the league by members who love roller derby and want to spread the love both nationally and internationally.

You can contact the working teams through the contact form