what we look for in a sponsor

  • Economic support for trainers, travelling for international games and home games.
  • Sports outfits and equipment
  • Food and beverages for players and officials at home games

why become a sponsor

In 2009 when Copenhagen Roller Derby was founded the club consisted of 14 members…today, we are more than 100 active members and people, as well as media, are showing great interest in the sport.

The future of Copenhagen Roller Derby is looking good – and ambitious. Copenhagen Roller Derby is already a well-known club among the European Roller Derby leagues and we have played several games, both domestic and abroad. This year alone, we already have more than 10 games planned incl. a European tournament. Our games usually attract between 500-700 people in DGI-byen in Copenhagen and we are famous for our after parties!

Copenhagen Roller Derby can offer your brand a unique opportunity for great exposure at our games, domestic and abroad. Also, it is an opportunity to represent a sport associated with innovation, courage, athletic women, and great potential.

what is roller derby?

Roller Derby is a contact sport for women on roller skates. The sport contains speed, hits, tactics, and teamwork – but it is also a show sport: The girls wear wild makeup and dress up in special uniforms (the sport is known for hot pants and fishnet stockings) – they also play under violent aliases such as ”Missy Kick-A-Lot” or ”Saboteur”. But do not let the looks fool you… Behind the colourful surface Roller Derby is a very serious and athletically demanding sport.

These factors have turned Roller Derby into one of the fastest growing women’s sports in the world! It started as a sub cultural sport in the US, but has become accepted as an established worldwide sport – and in December 2011, the first roller derby world cup was held in Toronto. In December 2014 Denmark will be participating at the world cup and most of the girls on the Danish National Team come from Copenhagen.

how to become a sponsor

If you are considering becoming a sponsor we would love to hear from you. Please contact our Sponsor Team here

our current sponsors

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