want to skate with us?

Approximately twice a year we open up for new skaters. The last intake was February 2015, and the next one will probably be late summer 2015, so keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates, or contact the Freshmeat team for more information.

Under 18?

If you are between 10-17 years old you can join our junior roller derby team, the Rolling Troublemakers. You can find them on Facebook

want to ref for us?

The league is always on the lookout for dedicated referees, who’s primary task is to ensure a fair game is played – at practice and at our games. If you’re interested in refereeing for CRD, please contact the Ref team.

want to nso or volunteer?

If you want to get involved with roller derby, but you’re just not the skating kind, there’s still plenty of stuff to do within the league. We’re always in need of kind souls who want to help us out, either as NSOs (non-skating officials) or as a volunteer at our games.

The team of NSOs is one of the most important elements at a game. It’s simply not possible to play without people to count the points, keep track of the penalties and so on. So if you’re keen to help out when we play or scrimmage, please contact the NSO team.

If you want to be involved with events but not as a skater or official, we are always looking for volunteers at the bouts. Jobs like DJing, selling boutbooks and merchandise are always in need of people so please don’t hesitate to contact the Bout team.

We appreciate every little helping hand we can get. Together we make magic happen